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Entrants’ Information

The 2018 New Zealand Gold Guitar Awards are over. Thanks you very much for helping to make them successful. The committee is starting to plan the 2019 Awards.  As usual we spent a day evaluating the various aspects of the weekend.  

Judging – For a couple of years we have provided some “guidelines” for each of the sections to give some guidance to contestants and judging.
For all of us we must remember that judging is subjective and many times we may not agree with the decisions of the judges.

Entry costs –   Please realise – only one member of a duet or group has to pay the entry fee. We will not be refunding double payments in the future.

Entry forms - This year we had some confusions when working out who was entering and the stage names. It is not essential to have a “stage name” – names of the contestants in a duet, group are sufficient.

Audition times – when setting the audition times we do our best to ensure a contestant’s auditions do not clash across the various venues. Please appreciate the complexity of this when it comes to groups. (Some entry forms do not make it very clear who is in a group.) On the Awards weekend some of these carefully worked out times can be disrupted because of one or more venue running late, or contestants asking for changes to be able to take part in the busking competition. The committee apologises for any inconvenience this makes for contestants and their supporters. The letter with contestants audition times states contestants can expect to be called 30 minutes before their allotted times. We appreciate contestants who are ready and prepared to go on stage before their allotted time.

Auditions – a constant concern for us is the length of some contestants entries. Each contestant has a time space of 4 minutes (6 minutes for groups). This is the time for each contestant to introduce their entry and sing/play their song. This year some introductions were nearly one minute long – a quarter of the time and the judges hadn’t heard any musical ability. Some entries included the backing band playing an instrumental for nearly 30 seconds – again the judges are wanting to hear the ability of the entrant not the prowess of the band.  (We are aware some instrumentals are necessary for chord changes.) It may be necessary to not sing some verses or repeat the chorus. Please take care of the length of your song/tune – it would be embarrassing to be penalised for going over time.

Chord charts – Good chord charts are essential for the backing band. Please refer to the New Zealand Gold Guitar website for guidelines to writing chord charts.

Guitars – It is the contestants’ responsibility to ensure their guitar is in tune. Note changing temperatures can alter the tuning.

Communication – many people have told us they appreciated the ease of access to information from our Facebook page. We will continue with this. Look for links from our website to other sites related to New Zealand Gold Guitars. Please refer to our website for information about entry forms, entry fees and chord charts.

Fulfilling the long standing mission of the Gore Country Music Club and the New Zealand Gold Guitars Awards, that is to promote country music to all ages, becomes more challenging as country music evolves to meet the interests of the younger generations.  Our younger people are the future of country music.  With this in mind the Gold Guitars Committee is constantly reviewing the Awards to ensure it is meeting the changing faces of country music, while retaining a focus on the beginnings of this music genre.

We look forward to organising the New Zealand Gold Guitar Awards for 2019 and seeing as many of you as possible.