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Entry Fee Structure

From the 2013 Gold Guitar Awards, the committee has introduced a new entry-fee structure.  In short the new structure means - the more times you enter, the less each entry will cost.

For juniors and intermediate contestants entering one section only, the cost is $16, if entering 2 or 3 sections the cost is $14 for each section, and if entering 4 or more sections the cost is $12 for each section.
For example, if a contestant is entering 5 sections - that will cost $60 (that is 5 x  $12).

It is similar for senior, 40+ and 60+ contestants.  The sliding scale for these contestants is:
$25 for 1 entry,
$20 for each of 2 or 3 entries, and
$17 for each of 4 or more entries.
A contestant from these age groups entering 5 sections would pay $85 (I.e. 5 x $17).

Please note - duets and open sections are not counted within the sliding scale.
Junior and intermediate duets are $14 for the entry, and $20 for the older age groups.  Open group sections are $30 per group.

A couple of points to remember to cause less confusion when we are compiling the entries -
# just 1 entry and 1 entry fee for a duet
# print names carefully, especially stage names that are "made up".

See you at Queens Birthday weekend.

Download the Conditions of Entry as an Adobe PDF file by clicking here


Download a 2017 Entry form as an Adobe PDF file by clicking here